Ruby on Rails on the Nexus 7

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This evening I decided to put Ubuntu on my Nexus 7 to see how it performs and what packages are available on ARM. I’m happy to report that Ruby 1.9.3 (p194) and Rails 3.2.9 work perfectly (albeit slowly :-D).

Nexus 7 Running Rails

Step 1: Ubuntu

I followed Ubuntu’s steps for installation and it worked fine. There was an odd issue connecting via ssh, but I think it was my router. I had to ssh out of the tablet to my desktop before the desktop could ssh to the tablet. iptables was empty on both. Dunno what was up.

Step 2: Ruby

I followed my own ubuntu setup instructions, except I substituted libsqlite3-dev for the postgresql packages.

Step 3: Rails

I ran gem install bundler and gem install rails, took a minute or two, but it worked.

Step 4: A Blog!

Of course I had to make a blog, that’s the Hello World of Rails! I simply used rails g scaffold Post title:string body:text then rake db:migrate and rails server, then wrote my post.

Honestly I was very disappointed at how easy it all was. I was looking for a challenge :-D


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