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I’m excited to announce that I’m now open for business!

If you don’t already know me, let me introduce myself: my name is Nick Gauthier and I am a Ruby and Javascript coder and I specialize in web development with the Rails framework. I particularly enjoy performance-tweaking applications, designing application architecture, and writing clean, object-oriented, and test-driven code. I’ve spoken at a couple of conferences including RailsConf 2011, and I recently wrote an e-book called Recipes with Backbone.

In 2012 I’m starting a new chapter in my life by striking out on my own. I plan to focus on three things:

1. Consulting and Freelance Development

Does your team need a boost? I can help out with planning, brainstorming, and kickstarting your project. Or maybe it’s getting a little clunky and needs a tune-up?

Or, do you need someone to build your prototype or MVP? Someone that can work quickly and produce high quality code that will make the next developer smile?

2. Technical Training

I’m going to be teaching a variety of courses as an instructor at Jumpstart Lab. I’m also available for private training in Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js. I’m also considering some unorthodox methods like holding open office hours, pair programming, or maybe an apprenticeship program.

3. New Projects

Last, but not least, I’m leaving some time open for new projects. I’ll be exploring some ideas of my own but would welcome collaboration. I’m especially interested in working with designers in the Baltimore area.

Get in touch

Let’s get in touch. I’m ngauthier on Twitter, Github, and Gmail, so drop me a line!


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