Unsubscribe Links in Rails with ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier

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If you’re setting up an unsubscribe link for your emails in a Rails application, it’s important to make it secure and seamless. We want to have it function properly if the user is not logged in without having them log in first. We also want to make sure it’s not easy to forge. The url should be something like this:


So, we need some way to encode a user’s information securely and create a url, then we also need to decode it. Enter ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier.

MessageVerifier is initialized with a secret, and can then encode and decode messages, like this:

# make a verifier
verifier = ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier.new('secret')

# encode some data
token = verifier.generate('data')
# => "BAhJIglkYXRhBjoGRVQ=--7d0d0ec0f5572ac668afeabea7829064cc78223b"

# note: it's not encrypted!
# => "\x04\bI\"\tdata\x06:\x06ET"

# Get the data back out
# => "data"

NOTE: the data is not encrypted, just verified with a digest using a secret. The original data is present in the token, so don’t put anything secret in there.

Now, we can integrate this into our User model pretty easily. We’ll make class methods for encoding and decoding, then an instance method to make it easier to use:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  # Access token for a user
  def access_token

  # Verifier based on our application secret
  def self.verifier

  # Get a user from a token
  def self.read_access_token(signature)
    id = verifier.verify(signature)
    User.find_by_id id
  rescue ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier::InvalidSignature

  # Class method for token generation
  def self.create_access_token(user)

Now all we have to do is add a route:

match '/users/unsubscribe/:signature' => 'users#unsubscribe', as: 'unsubscribe'

Include the link in our email layout:

<%= link_to "Unsubscribe", unsubscribe_url(@user.access_token) %>

And setup a controller action:

class UsersController < ApplicationController
  def unsubscribe
    if user = User.read_access_token(params[:signature])
      user.update_attribute :email_opt_in, false
      render text: "You have been unsubscribed"
      render text: "Invalid Link"

This can be expanded to be used in any scenario where you need an authentication token, for example all email links could contain a token in the param, which is removed in an application-wide before_filter. That way, a user never has to log in if they’re coming from an email you sent them.

Warning: The data is encoded but since it is not (entirely) hashed it will grow in length. Be careful using variable-length or user-generated data, as you could go beyond the 2048 character limit of urls. Much like delayed jobs and cookies, it’s a good idea to store only an identifier in the token, and then look up the associated data in your database. If you really need encryption, check out ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor.

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