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My name is Nick Gauthier and I am a Ruby and Javascript developer and I specialize in web development with the Rails and Backbone.js frameworks. I enjoy brainstorming projects, desiging application architecture, and writing clean, object-oriented, and test-driven code.


I'm available for web development consulting and freelance. I can work alone or with an existing team, on both new projects and established ones. I can help you get your idea off the ground, or fine-tune your existing software. I can also jump into your team to give them a short term boost.


I'm starting a Backbone.js Training Class, and I also run B'more Awesome, a Baltimore-based web training organization.

I'm also available for training through JumpstartLab. I can train your team in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Backbone.js, or jQuery. Contact Jeff at JumpstartLab if you're interested in training.


I'm ngauthier on GitHub, Twitter, and GMail. Drop me a line, I look forward to working with you!