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Backbone.js Training Class I'm interesed

What is it?

I'm offering a 3-day Backbone.js Training Class to help you or your team learn Backbone.js. We'll cover some of the key javascript techniques needed to get the most out of Backbone (like function scoping and events), go over the core elements of Backbone.js, highlight pitfalls and best practices, and wrap up with a bunch of handy design patterns.

This isn't a "talk at you" class. I'll demonstrate a particular concept with a few slides, but then we'll dive right into programming exercises. Bring a laptop and be ready for some hands-on learning.

Why Should I Learn from you?

Backbone.js is a small library, and you can become familiar with its core components fairly quickly. However, because it's so flexible, it's easy to get going down the wrong path. When I first learned Backbone.js I spent a week going through three different tutorials that all led me astray, and it was quite frustrating. My goal is to show you Backbone.js at its best, and give you a solid footing for writing clean and maintainable code.

Who are you?

Glad you asked! I'm Nick Gauthier, a Ruby on Rails and Javascript web developer. Along with Chris Strom, I wrote Recipes with Backbone, a book on Backbone.js design patterns and best practices. I've been programming for the web for about five years, and I started using Backbone.js a year ago.

What are the prerequisites?

You should have a basic understanding of Javascript, HTML, and AJAX. If you've built a site that makes AJAX calls with jQuery, you're all set.

For the class, you'll need to bring a laptop loaded up with your favorite Javascript and HTML editor. You should also be able to serve a static site with an HTTP server like Apache or nginx, or using a programming language like Ruby or Python.

What are we going to do?

We're going to implement a reactive client-side web application using Backbone.js. The 3-day schedule is:

The exact schedule will depend on the class pace. If we have time, I have lots more to share.

When are the classes?

Right now I'm looking to test-drive the class in Baltimore, MD in May or June. For this first class, I'm going to reduce the rate and try to keep the class to a small group.

Keep me informed about the Baltimore class

After we do the Baltimore trial class, I'll be opening the class up nationwide.

Keep me informed about the nationwide class

I may also be doing a remote course, to be given over Google Hangouts or similar. If you're interested in that, just fill out the nationwide survey and let me know in the comments.

What about ...?

I'm happy to tailor the course to any custom needs you may have. We can work with your existing system's API or maybe cover using Backbone.js with other Javascript frameworks or libraries. Please fill out the nationwide survey and I'll get in touch.